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The Final Countdown (well, maybe not final)

And so it begins, 5 weeks and counting!! Dare I allow myself to get excited yet? Well I was until i began listing all the things I still hadn't sorted out prior to my departure. Not least is the unusual ritual of paying for someone to stab me with needle sharp implements filled with exotic fluids, otherwise known as vaccinations. Perhaps for a few extra quid they'll hit me on the head with a mallet to remove any romantic notions of travelling through South America without any problems.......

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Blogging along, on the bottom of the beautiful briny sea

Three points to those of you who know what film I'm intimating from the title...answer to be revealed later!

So here I am on yet another blogging site which seems much more superior to the last one. With a mere 8 weeks (and a bit) before I depart these shores for a bit of Floridean sun, I still have a surprising amount to do. Creating a new blog is a brilliant way of procrastinating though, so those other things will have to wait a bit longer.

p.s. The film was, of course, Bedknobs & Broomsticks. What d'yer mean you've never heard of it. You're either from the race known as "yooths" or have been deprived of the "Disney Doctrination" in your younger years.


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